An introduction to Solitaire Group

Solitaire International Group was founded in 2011 with operations in seven countries - UAE, KSA, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco - in the Middle East and North Africa region. Focusing on 'building customers for life', we are a dynamic team of passionate and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering customer service excellence and business value to the leading international brands that we work with and represent. Our areas of expertise include;

  • - Healthcare
  • - Retail
  • - Food & Beverage
  • - Technology
  • - Education
  • - Visual Communication

Solitaire Group : Why?

Business opportunities

we pragmatically identify concrete business opportunities that can deliver high ROI


Highly influential and experienced leadership

Ensured delivery

Bringing together concrete business acuman coupled with strategic managment experience...that ensures 'sure shot' deliveries

Immediate and efficient support through senior experts

The group has the right lobbying prowess with the governmental leadership in each of the markets to ensure there are no pitfalls

Full Compliance and transparent relations with our partners.