Krishna Moorthy

  • Nearly 35 years of result-filled financial management experience with the ability to direct, manage and supervise the financial operations of a large organizations or agency, including the development of budget plans, policies, and procedures.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all financial processes and deep knowledge of staff management principles to the extent required to issue and monitor staff ceilings.
  • Dealt in exercising good judgment in structuring and organizing work and setting priorities; balancing the interests of clients and readily readjusting priorities to respond to customer demands.
  • Skilled in understanding and appropriately applying procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise & understanding linkages between administrative competencies and mission needs.
  • Expertise in analyzing complex financial data, extracting and defining relevant information; interpreting data for the purpose of determining past financial performance and projecting a financial probability.
  • Ability to acquire and administer human, financial, material, and information resources in a manner which instils public trust and accomplishes the organization’s mission, and to use new technology to enhance decision making.